New Golf Membership programs available

Golf Memberships:
All existing and new membership contracts will be made on a calendar year commencing January 1, 2014. Partial year memberships will also start January 1, 2014 for a seven or nine-month period.
a. (7) month partial year membership:
January, February, March, April, October, November and December.
b. (9) month partial year membership:
January, February, March, April, May, June, October, November and December.
c. (Full) Membership January Through December
Note: Full memberships will be eligible for a 10% discount if you pay the entire year in advance before the New Year.
If you're already a member and select another program you will be charged a one-time $500 processing fee. If you are “not” a member and wish to select one of the programs, you will be charged a $500 processing fee and the $2500 initiation fee will be waived if you join before January 1, 2014.
Note: Fees for partial year memberships are for the consecutive months (January, February, March, April, May, June); then in October (October, November, and December). All partial memberships golf play in 2013 (October, November and December) will be at the new rate, condition on partial membership contract purchased for 2013.
You can purchase your membership at the Country Club or the Pro Shop. Check or Credit card is accepted. Rates are based on the US Dollar.


12 months

Membership Family ______________Single
12 month ($250/mo.,$3000) ( $200/mo.,$2400)
(10% discount by Jan 1) (10% discount by Jan 1)

9 months

Membership Family ______________Single
9 month ($300/mo.,$2700) ( $250/mo.,$2250)
(6 mo. Jan 1, 3 mo. Oct 1) ( 6 mo. Jan 1, 3 mo. Oct 1)

7 months

Membership Family ______________Single
7 Month ($350/mo.,$2450) ( $300/mo., $2100)
(4 mo. Jan 1, 3 mo. Oct 1) (4 mo. Jan 1, 3 mo. Oct 1)

Green Fees as of December 11, 2013

$40.00 – 18 holes w/cart $35.00 – 18 holes walking
$30.00 – 9 holes w/cart $ 25.00 – 9 holes walking

Special Rates Tuesday & Thursday

$35.00 – 18 holes or unlimited with or without cart
$25.00 – 9 holes with or without cart

2 week unlimited guest pass:

$250.00 (Limit 2 per year, but not in consecutive months)
$200 yearly trail fee for personal use

(Punch cards are available)