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Please go to the links below to post your scores

Post your Scores here:

San Carlos Club Handicap System

* The club will only post for you the events we sponsor. 
* You will be responsible to post your individual scores that you play on your own. If you don't know how to do this, ask or email the Handicap Chairman.

* When you enter your round if you care to you can enter hole by hole. Put in the exact score you shot hole by hole and the system will automatically adjust your score to your handicap.  
* If you don't have a computer or Internet give your cards to Jim McAdie (622-142-5089 or jimmcadie@gmail.com) and he will enter them for you.

Golfers can access their information from ANY device that connects to the Internet! 
This includes iPhones, iPads, etc. At anytime, from anywhere.